Friday, February 27, 2009

I'm Lovin' it

ate to say it, dear readers, but I'm compelled to tell the truth ... I am blogging from a Macdonalds in Aswan. The pull of free internet was too strong. And beyond that it's been two months since I had a burger (which also a confession that, yes, I did order a Big Mac for the first time in 5 years). Megan and I practically ran here after our seminar tonight, and now (after X orders of fries) the servers (I'm sorry "team members") are our best friends. I should be ashamed, but truthfully, I just can't.

On a less horrifying note, Aswan is beautiful. We've spent the last two days island hopping and visiting temples, tombs, and quarries. This area of the Nile, just around the first cataract in Southern Egypt, really is one of the most stunning places I've ever been. The Nile is clear and blue, and fallukas sail around it in the perfect breeze. The Nubian's are even more friendly as the Egyptians (if you can really make that kind of distinction) and the light is perfect most every time of the day. Our first night here we ate at the Aswan moon restaurant, which is actually a barge tethered to the shore. From the balcony of the hotel room we can see the rock-cut tombs of Qubbet el-Hawa high on a hill on the west bank.

I can't convey anything with words (I am in a "Mac" after all) so I leave you with a photo ... hopefully to make up for the opening image. (It's not even the best I have...)

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