Thursday, July 10, 2008


Quickly before I forget... (apologies for listicle)

Forth of July = work, jumping off the Taos Junction bridge into the Rio Grande, chicken dinner, Johnny Walker, two-stepping with a real cowboy at the Sagebrush (Sev roped me into it)

Saturday = day off = plant walk with Wind (learned how to tell the difference between dandelion and hemlock, make rope from milk weed, eat reeds and other leafy things to cure what ails you), laundry, Jeff's melancholy departure, leaving my wallet on top of the car and driving away (ice cream and movie to wallow in)

Sunday = back to Vista Verde trail, MORE TIPI GLYPHS than I ever thought possible, home early to get a tour of the old Morningstar commune (awesome ruins, amazing location)

Monday - today = still at the same site which is proving to be an amazing assemblage of Apache or Ute glyphs of the scratched variety. Hard to see and a pain to draw, but once documented it becomes clear it's excitingly new stuff. It gets boring and exciting in waves. 

The future = work through Friday, powow on Saturday, paper work on Sunday, the next week is all up in the air. Don't want to leave ... 

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